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Product Innovation Award win for Wolfenden’s SUPA range

Wolfenden Concrete’s innovation and expertise were recognised at the Edge Hill University Productivity and Innovation Centre SME Innovation Awards, where Wolfenden was the overall winner of the New Product or Service Innovation Award, 2019.

Left to right: Professor George Talbot, Richard Moody, Professor Simon Bolton

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Wolfenden’s expansion plans supported by unique productivity and innovation programme

Since acquiring Wolfenden Concrete 18 months ago, Richard Moody, managing director, has embarked on an ambitious growth plan for the company, developing new products such as the SUPA range for the agricultural sector and exploring new manufacturing techniques.

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Investing in the future of Yorkshire dairy farming

Having decided to make a major investment in the future of their herd, Yorkshire dairy farming partnership, James and Julie Gooch and Caroline and Daniel Yarrow began a 12-month project with Wolfenden Concrete and Lely to expand Tow Top Farm, Cononley, West Yorkshire. The aim was to create a high-tech, high-welfare environment for more than 200 cows.

Panoramic view of new dairy new unit at Tow Top Farm

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Herd health, waste and the bottom line: how Wolfenden’s approach to slurry management is helping at state-of-the-art dairy project

Shortlisted in the 2019 RICS Awards ‘Design Through Innovation’ category, and winner of the Cream Awards High Tech Farm 2019, the Centre for Dairy Science Innovation (CDSI) at the University of Nottingham’s Sutton Bonnington campus is a £6m facility offering the latest research technologies for a range of dairy-related topics, focused on health, nutrition and welfare.

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New SUPA range launched – the precast concrete solution for today’s dairy industry

Wolfenden Concrete announce the launch of the new SUPA range of precast solutions, designed to deliver huge productivity and efficiency benefits, whilst prioritising animal welfare to give happier, healthier cows.

The SUPA range, designed specifically to enhance wellbeing and productivity for dairy herds, was launched last month and is attracting attention across the industry, featuring in the agricultural and dairy-related press. The products themselves are already making a difference for farmers across the UK. Dalesbrad Holsteins’ new milking parlour includes a Wolfenden concrete footbath, with SupaStrong diagonal slats that help the footbath drain more quickly and also make it easier for the cows to walk through, over the diagonal slats.

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