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Looking ahead in changing and challenging times: Wolfenden plan for a new year of innovation and profitability

We’ve all heard the word ‘unprecedented’ more times in 2020 than in any other year, and for very good reason. With a global pandemic and an unclear outcome from Brexit, this year has brought more uncertainty and economic fluctuation than any year this century.

No-one feels this more than farmers – the people who have maintained the country’s food supply throughout lockdowns, and who are the custodians of the countryside that we have all enjoyed more than ever before. And Wolfenden take this opportunity, as we leave 2020 behind us, to thank all our customers and farmers throughout the country for their hard work and dedication.

Next year will be an exciting one for Wolfenden as 2021 will see the launch of innovative products – a new range that is currently in development and testing – borne out of the need to meet and exceed environmental targets, as well as the desire to continually innovate to meet the ever-increasing demands on farmers to maintain profitability and focus on herd welfare.

In addition to the award-winning SUPA range, launched in 2019 and now a staple range of concrete products found in dairy farms across the UK, Wolfenden are developing a completely new range of agricultural concrete – one that can reduce carbon emissions by over 60% and which is more durable than standard agricultural concrete, with tests showing a durability that offers at least twice the longevity of anything currently on the market.

As the UK farming sector moves towards meeting the NFU’s Net Zero carbon emission targets for 2040, with all the pressure that a still-unclear Brexit and agriculture policy means, the launch of this new range of products could not be more timely. Richard Moody, managing director at Wolfenden, explains,
“We have always looked to innovate, to maintain Wolfenden’s place in the sector as the supplier of choice for farmers across the UK, helping our customers towards optimum efficiency and productivity while putting herd health and welfare at the forefront. The innovations we have been working on this year – to be launched in 2021 – are our response to environmental policies and the need to help farmers meet these regulatory requirements.

We have made significant investment in our new product ranges and will continue to innovate and respond to the agricultural and environmental policy landscape, as it develops. We are ideally placed to help farmers meet their environmental targets and, as one of the country’s leading agricultural concrete suppliers, we look forward to working with the sector and leading on product development through 2021 and beyond.

This year has, of course, been very difficult for everyone but we look forward to a new year – one that sees Wolfenden growing, in terms of the business itself and our place in helping farmers to meet the challenges and demands ahead. We’d like to thank all our customers and suppliers and to wish them all a peaceful and safe Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”