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Software tools that let us respond to you quicker and provide you with simpler, clearer layouts and drawings

Dairy management is becoming more scientific and complex as herd sizes continue to grow.

To meet the challenges this is creating, we have invested in the latest 3D modelling software.

With the tools the software gives us, we can respond quicker to your needs, establish the best solution sooner and manage workflow more effectively.

We can also show you more clearly and simply exactly how our SUPA range will fit into your new dairy housing unit and benefit its operational efficiency.


Step 1

You receive initial plans and drawings from the team you have appointed to design the overall project. More often than not these are complex and highly detailed.

Step 2

Here we use our 3D software to isolate exactly where our precast solutions will fit into the overall plan.

Step 3

Next we create plan and section layouts that can be used on site to show where the channels, slats and other elements belong.