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Agricultural Range

Whilst our SUPA range has been purpose-designed for the dairy sector, our general agricultural precast solutions are manufactured for an extremely wide range of applications and types of farm. They include beams and columns for buildings housing beef cattle and other livestock, pre-stressed panels for silage storage and free-standing walls for everything from grain storage to earth retention.
Support beams and columns

These come in two forms: for suspended floors using slats and cubicle beds; as hollow columns to sit on slabs over concrete bars supporting precast concrete beams.

Cattle slats and solid covers
Our cattle slats are designed with agricultural practicalities in mind. Options include straight slats, diagonal slats, legacy slats, solid channels and passage slabs.
Slurry handling systems
We have the flexibility to handle any situation – large, small, shallow, deep and any other requirement you may have.
Water troughs
Strong, durable troughs suitable for many types of livestock. Capacities are from 30 gallons to 500 gallons.
L-shaped retaining walls
Easily moved and extremely versatile – can be used for a number of purposes including earth retention, fill containment and crop/waste storage.
Pre-stressed panels
Suitable for livestock walls, silage aggregate storage or soil retention. Can also be used for the walls of industrial buildings.
Feed troughs and barriers
Cattle feed troughs that are quick and easy to install and re-locate. Single or double sided with head rail options.