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Simpler, faster construction with reduced costs

Our Concrete Supa Blocks use exactly the same construction principles as the toy company’s interlocking plastic bricks.

And just like the toy company’s blocks, ours can be stacked to create a vast range of constructions – quick to build walls, flood defense systems, security barriers and dozens of other extremely stable, robust structures that can be for permanent or temporary use. If a temporary requirement is no longer needed, its Concrete Supa Blocks can be easily dismantled, moved elsewhere and used to create something entirely new.

The interlocking system

Concrete Supa Blocks are made from high-grade cast concrete. Their interlocking system is based on studs and recesses that exert an extremely powerful grip on each other when they come together.

This huge grip means that Concrete Supa Blocks can be installed without needing a concrete foundation, which speeds up construction immensely and reduces costs.

Complete range

Available in a complete range of block types, and stud configurations, and also offering bespoke options, Concrete Supa Blocks provide a limitless number of modular construction possibilities.

Help and advice

Talk to our Concrete Supa Block team if you have any questions or need advice – we’re always pleased to help.