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Helping dairy farmers towards Net Zero: Wolfenden set to launch SUPA GREEN

With testing and development showing significant benefits over standard processes and materials, Wolfenden Concrete are soon to launch their unique SUPA GREEN products: an innovative ultra-low carbon range to help dairy farmers reduce costs, improve productivity and meet environmental targets.

SUPA GREEN diagonal slats in production
As the NFU’s ambition of reaching Net Zero emissions for farming by 2040 is reflected in Government agricultural policy, Wolfenden are continuing investment in product development to help dairy farmers meet and exceed environmental requirements, while also helping to improve herd health and reduce costs.

The new SUPA GREEN product range is the result of extensive development by Wolfenden, working with the multi-award winning DB Group and harnessing the unique properties of their innovative Cemfree® technology. The first products in the SUPA GREEN range – including diagonal slats and slurry channels – are due to be launched in early Spring.

Comprehensive testing of Cemfree concrete shows significant benefits to dairy farmers, including greater durability through improved acid resistance, assuring greater longevity and up to 62% reduction in carbon emissions. For a typical dairy installation, this represents an embodied CO2 reduction of nearly 5,000kg, equivalent to driving an average car nearly 25,000 miles.

For Wolfenden, this new range represents a natural extension to the innovation of the SUPA range launched in 2019, further helping dairy farmers to improve herd health through better housing, and to improve emission reduction through more effective slurry management.

As a totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete, Cemfree is a ground-breaking milestone in low-carbon concrete technology and this, combined with Wolfenden’s innovative product design and expertise, represents a significant and timely development, given the announcement of the Government’s roadmap, ‘Path to Sustainable Farming’ in November last year and the proposed Farming Investment Fund.

Richard Moody, Wolfenden’s managing director, explains the rationale behind SUPA GREEN,
“With more than 40 years’ experience of working with dairy farmers, it’s always been our policy at Wolfenden to listen to our customers and to make sure we understand their issues as well as the regulatory landscape. The impact of Brexit on agricultural policy can’t be overstated and this, combined with the sector focus on emission reduction, led us to invest in the development of products that would meet farmers’ needs in a cost-effective way, while also helping them to achieve the carbon and greenhouse gas emission reduction that is increasingly important –imperative, in fact.

Accessing the innovative Cemfree technology from DB Group is helping us meet both these objectives – more durable products with a longer lifespan combined with massive reductions in CO2 emissions. The new SUPA GREEN range is an exciting development for Wolfenden, both innovative and timely.”

Wayne Zakers, CEO of DB Group, adds,
“DB Group’s mission is to improve the durability and sustainability of construction, working most intimately with our innovative partners. Working with Wolfenden will enable us to embed that innovation within the agricultural sector and to extend the benefits of our Cemfree technology to dairy farmers across the UK. The testing of SUPA GREEN products has proven extremely successful and so we look forward to the launch of the range, and to helping Wolfenden’s customers meet and exceed environmental targets.”

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