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Celebrating British agriculture at the Great Yorkshire Show

Preparations are well underway at Wolfenden, getting ready for July’s Great Yorkshire Show, a highlight of the agricultural calendar and one of only a few agricultural events being held this year.

After last year’s Show’s cancellation, this July sees the GYS coming back with their biggest show yet, with an extra day added – now running over four days from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th July. The Show organisers are making this a huge celebratory event for British agriculture, with equine show rings and livestock rings including cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, while the main ring will feature the Grand Cattle Parade. With a host of attractions including a countryside pursuits arena, cookery demonstrations, forestry and woodworking and Gardeners’ Question Time running every day, the Show is set to attract a record number of visitors and exhibitors.

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Helping dairy farmers towards Net Zero: Wolfenden set to launch SUPA GREEN

With testing and development showing significant benefits over standard processes and materials, Wolfenden Concrete are soon to launch their unique SUPA GREEN products: an innovative ultra-low carbon range to help dairy farmers reduce costs, improve productivity and meet environmental targets.

SUPA GREEN diagonal slats in production
As the NFU’s ambition of reaching Net Zero emissions for farming by 2040 is reflected in Government agricultural policy, Wolfenden are continuing investment in product development to help dairy farmers meet and exceed environmental requirements, while also helping to improve herd health and reduce costs.

The new SUPA GREEN product range is the result of extensive development by Wolfenden, working with the multi-award winning DB Group and harnessing the unique properties of their innovative Cemfree® technology. The first products in the SUPA GREEN range – including diagonal slats and slurry channels – are due to be launched in early Spring.

Comprehensive testing of Cemfree concrete shows significant benefits to dairy farmers, including greater durability through improved acid resistance, assuring greater longevity and up to 62% reduction in carbon emissions. For a typical dairy installation, this represents an embodied CO2 reduction of nearly 5,000kg, equivalent to driving an average car nearly 25,000 miles.

For Wolfenden, this new range represents a natural extension to the innovation of the SUPA range launched in 2019, further helping dairy farmers to improve herd health through better housing, and to improve emission reduction through more effective slurry management.

As a totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete, Cemfree is a ground-breaking milestone in low-carbon concrete technology and this, combined with Wolfenden’s innovative product design and expertise, represents a significant and timely development, given the announcement of the Government’s roadmap, ‘Path to Sustainable Farming’ in November last year and the proposed Farming Investment Fund.

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Looking ahead in changing and challenging times: Wolfenden plan for a new year of innovation and profitability

We’ve all heard the word ‘unprecedented’ more times in 2020 than in any other year, and for very good reason. With a global pandemic and an unclear outcome from Brexit, this year has brought more uncertainty and economic fluctuation than any year this century.

No-one feels this more than farmers – the people who have maintained the country’s food supply throughout lockdowns, and who are the custodians of the countryside that we have all enjoyed more than ever before. And Wolfenden take this opportunity, as we leave 2020 behind us, to thank all our customers and farmers throughout the country for their hard work and dedication.

Next year will be an exciting one for Wolfenden as 2021 will see the launch of innovative products – a new range that is currently in development and testing – borne out of the need to meet and exceed environmental targets, as well as the desire to continually innovate to meet the ever-increasing demands on farmers to maintain profitability and focus on herd welfare.

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Investment in technology for rapid, accurate planning: efficiently and cost-effectively housing cows and storing slurry

Wolfenden’s highly-skilled specialist staff are using the latest software to respond quickly and accurately to dairy farmers’ building and slurry requirements, and there is clear communication at all stages with everyone involved in the project – meaning no nasty surprises or costly oversights along the way.

With decades of experience working with dairy farmers, Wolfenden have always understood the constraints of time – herd housing and slurry management can’t be delayed by build issues – and cost, no more so than in the current economic and political climate. Wolfenden’s proactive approach and the company’s significant investment in growth and innovation – including developing new products specifically for the dairy sector, such as the SUPA range – make them the supplier of choice for dairy projects across the UK.

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Expert advice from Richard Moody as Wolfenden contribute to environmental strategy and the Clean Air debate

The concrete industry and the dairy sector have both sought out the opinions of Wolfenden’s managing director, as Richard’s thoughts on the impact of the Clean Air Strategy feature in The Concrete Society Journal and in the latest edition of British Dairying.

As suppliers of concrete solutions to a whole range of sectors, including councils and utilities companies, and working on projects as diverse as Walkers Crisps manufacturing plants and Cumbrian road bridges, Wolfenden are one of the most-respected names in the concrete industry. So, when looking to provide their members with cutting-edge opinion on developments in precast, The Concrete Society called on Wolfenden’s Richard Moody for his insights, gleaned from years of working with and listening to dairy farmers and from the company’s innovation and industry-leading approach to product development.

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Seal of approval for Wolfenden from the UK’s leading agricultural buildings association

The Rural and Industrial Design and Buildings Association (RIDBA) is the leading voice in the modern rural design and agricultural buildings industry, representing and connecting surveyors, planners, designers, suppliers, fabricators and universities and colleges right across the sector.

With stringent criteria for quality, technical expertise and professional standards, RIDBA membership conveys confidence to clients who can be assured they are working with specialists who have a deep understanding of the needs of UK farmers and are embedded in the UK rural economy.

Richard Moody, managing director at Wolfenden Concrete, explains why the company decided to apply to join the Association,
“We have made significant investment in the last few years in new product development – leading to the launch of our SUPA range for dairy farming last year and to plaudits for innovation. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to find our products – especially in the current climate, where there’s the potential for disruption in the supply chain. Being awarded RIDBA membership makes it simpler for the clients we want to work with to find our products and it reassures them that we offer quality and excellence.”

One of RIDBA’s featured case studies – the headline project for the Centre for Dairy Science Innovation, University of Nottingham, in the RIDBA Livestock category – was undertaken by Haston Reynolds, Chartered Surveyors who specified Wolfenden’s agricultural concrete products throughout the build. For more details on this project see the RIDBA case studies and for information on Wolfenden’s contribution to the Centre, read more here.