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Fresh tech investment at Wolfenden to promote innovation for UK dairy farmers

All businesses want and need to get the best value for money – and for UK agriculture that’s necessary now, more than ever. Current pricing information is crucial to inform decisions in volatile markets and through uncertain economic times.

To provide dairy farmers with the best possible product options, Wolfenden have invested in a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to benefit customers while also streamlining their own business operations. It’s a significant back-end investment ensuring that Wolfenden can maximise their capacity to plough revenue back into new product design and development, to help dairy farmers across the country.

Richard Moody, MD and owner of Wolfenden explains,
“We explored numerous options when we realised that Wolfenden’s growth made a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Package (ERP) vital to the company’s plans for future expansion. Most available options were only around a 70-75% fit to our needs, so we settled on Medatech UK’s Priority solution since it offered both a 90% fit in the short-term, with the opportunity for further enhancement – which we are already investigating with them. Wolfenden continually focus on tailoring inhouse systems and processes to meet our customers’ demands, all to bring the greatest efficiency and best service possible.”

One key element for Wolfenden when specifying the new ERP software was the requirement for a clear and simple sales screen: a means for sales staff to build quick, but comprehensive, customer quotes – all the while being able to negotiate pricing live, onscreen. The demand was for a fully integrated platform that would check any impact on margins and so ensure a win-win scenario, for Wolfenden and for their customers.

Richard notes,
“We had an extremely busy time at Dairy-Tech last week and are working hard turning around a lot of quotations that have already come in from the day. At the same time, the deadline on full applications for DEFRA funding for slurry infrastructure grants will be looming soon – and concrete elements will play a significant part in many of these bids, especially given the high proportion of financial support available for infrastructure elements in any funded installation. Providing rapid quotes, while looking at the best price possible, is good news for Wolfenden, for our customers, and for UK dairy farmers looking to reduce emissions and meet Net Zero targets.

We understand the issues involved in dairy farm infrastructure. As a supplier we invest accordingly – contributing to farm buildings, herd welfare, and slurry management demands. The most accurate, real-time information our new ERP software provides and the level of communication it offers will help secure Wolfenden’s growth plans and ensure our ability to continually innovate. It’s an investment that will help keep Wolfenden at the forefront of new product design and development for dairy farmers across the UK.”