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Cattle slats and solid covers

These come in a range of formats, each developed to meet a precise need. All are available in standard, customised and bespoke options and are all manufactured under the strictest quality control procedures.

Diagonal slats

Our diagonal cattle slats are designed to fit directly over our 1000mm wide channels. They are the ideal solution for passageways, across the end of buildings, doorways or any scraped passage areas.

The angle of the slats allows the muck to easily cut away whichever way the scraper passes over leaving a clean surface. This design of slat must be supported along the long sides – it is not suitable for use over a wide span.

  • Automatic scraping slat
  • Class leading 8 and 12 tonne axle load
  • Dry cast manufacture
  • Non-slip finish
  • Cattle hoof friendly
  • Designed to BS5502 part 50 & BS8110
  • 50Kn high strength concrete

Parallel cattle slat

Parallel Cattle Slat for suspended floor systems, passageways or running lengthways along a channel. Manufactured from high strength dry cast concrete for durability and non slip finish. All units are 1200mm wide and 190mm thick for optimal stability. Access units with 10t galvanized manholes casts are available in all sizes.

Heavy duty (6tonne) and industry-leading extra heavy duty (16tonne) axle loading options available.

  • Designed for suspended floor systems
  • Can also be used on our wide rage of channels
  • 40mm gaps ensure large volumes of slurry are easily discharged
  • Dry cast manufactured ensuring optimum strength and longevity of product
  • Non-slip brush finish ensuring safer cattle walking and better hoof care
  • Two class leading axle load ratings: 6tonnes and 16tonnes

Access Manhole Slat

  • 900mm x 900mm clear opening
  • Solid steel manhole cover
  • Non-slip finish
  • 50Kn high strength concrete
  • Designed to BS5502 part 50 & BS8110
  • Reduced end thickness to match standard slats
  • Comprehensive size range
  • Fully galvanised manhole frame & painted checker plate cover

Diagonal race slat

Our cattle race slats are designed to BS5502 and BS 8110. We manufacture them using high-strength dry-cast concrete, making them extremely strong and durable, with a non-slip brush finish.

Concrete slats are cheaper than the steel alternative and are much kinder to the hooves of your cattle. They are designed to run over our 730mm wide cattle race channels. 950mm is the ideal width to run between race fences. Diagonal slats must be supported along the long length.

  • Non-slip finish
  • Cattle hoof friendly
  • Dry cast manufacture
  • 150mm thick cow loading only
  • 50Kn high strength concrete
  • Ideal width for cattle race
  • Foot bath to suit

Cattle foot bath

A precast concrete footbath designed to fit above our 730mm wide slurry channel in conjunction with our diagonal cattle race slats to provide an integrated foot care system.

Length: 3500mm
Width: 950mm
Floor thickness: 150mm
Upstand height: 200mm

  • Non-slip exposed aggregate finish to floor
  • Angled step in and out for uninterrupted passage along the race
  • Fit over channel or on floor
  • Quick and simple drain system
  • Narrow top surface to prevent cattle trying to bypass the bath
  • Designed to BS5502 part 50 & BS8110
  • The same width as our cattle race slats

Narrow slot diagonal

  • Class leading 8 & 12 Tonne axle load
  • Dry cast manufacture
  • Non-slip finish
  • Cattle hoof friendly
  • Designed to BS5502 part 50 & BS8110
  • 50Kn high strength concrete
  • Smaller 40mm gaps to suit smaller cows

Youngstock cattle slats

Designed to meet the needs of young stock, this slat has a narrow hole to stop their feet falling down the gaps and causing lameness.

  • Designed to BS5502 part 50 & BS8110
  • Non-slip finish
  • Dry cast manufacture
  • Galvanised manhole cast-in
  • 50Kn high strength concrete
  • Suspended floor system
  • Spanning across channel
  • Lengthways along channel
  • 28mm gap to suit 3 months to 2 year olds

Solid covers

Solid covers can be made to match any slat size to suit the requirements of the passageway/slurry channel run or manufactured to suit specific widths, lengths, depths and loadings, with either brushed or floated finish.