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New SUPA range launched – the precast concrete solution for today’s dairy industry

Wolfenden Concrete announce the launch of the new SUPA range of precast solutions, designed to deliver huge productivity and efficiency benefits, whilst prioritising animal welfare to give happier, healthier cows.

The SUPA range, designed specifically to enhance wellbeing and productivity for dairy herds, was launched last month and is attracting attention across the industry, featuring in the agricultural and dairy-related press. The products themselves are already making a difference for farmers across the UK. Dalesbrad Holsteins’ new milking parlour includes a Wolfenden concrete footbath, with SupaStrong diagonal slats that help the footbath drain more quickly and also make it easier for the cows to walk through, over the diagonal slats.

Richard Moody, managing director of Wolfenden Concrete comments,
“Our new SUPA products are the first range that we have purpose-designed for the dairy industry, and we are confident in the huge benefits they offer for our customers. Our performance data demonstrates the efficiency and productivity critical to dairy farmers in the current climate. We know the concern and care that farmers have for their livestock, and so we put animal welfare at the heart of the development of the range, from the outset. The new SUPA range is the result of this thinking: a solution that offers greater efficiency, increased productivity, and healthier and happier cows.”

Full details and data sheets for each of the products in the SUPA range can be found here