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Neptune Mattress

EASYFIX Neptune is a cubicle mattress which provides top-quality cow comfort. This cubicle mattress boasts a 50mm layer of latex foam insert, interlocks on two sides while the cow’s natural resting position is supported by the soft lying area within the centre of the mat.


  • Increases cow comfort and welfare
  • Increases productivity – higher daily milk yields
  • The open cell technology of the foam provides excellent comfort, durability and firmness
  • Suitable for DIY installation and all cubicle sizes
  • The width can be increased with the addition of spacers


  • Made from natural rubber compound
  • Interlocks on two sides
  • 500-micron sealed wrapper enclosing 50mm foam mattress
  • Foam 50% latex and 50% PU
  • Sloped profile at the rear


  • Width: 1125mm
  • Length: 1830mm
  • Depth: 62mm


  • 10 Years