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Project: floodwater containment

Location: Lake Windermere, Cumbria

A cottage on the eastern side of Lake Windermere was facing structural problems caused by a nearby stream. which was prone to flooding. The floodwater was threatening the cottage’s foundations, which stood in danger of being washed away.

The cottage’s owner, Mr Mike Dewis of Mike Dewis Farm Systems, was a long-standing Wolfenden customer with experience of our ability to produce imaginative precast solutions to a wide range of problems. He came to us for advice.

Wolfenden solution

Our recommendation was to modify our standard 1,500mm slurry channel to allow the formation in the stream of a cascade that would contain any floodwater and protect the cottage. Certain channel sections were also covered with a bespoke, load-bearing precast cover and built into the landscape.


A cost-effective, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution that continues to contain all floodwater.